The Free Succulent Project
The Free Succulent Project
The Free Succulent Project
The     Free         Succulent              Project

What is the FSP?

Plants bring people happiness. In an effort to bring a little more joy to everyone, we provide free succulent plants (with cool planters) to anyone who wants one. 

Why succulents?

Succulents are the easiest type of plants to maintain; much easier than typical houseplants. They want water every 2 weeks (depending on species). Also, they are fun and easy to propagate. We enjoy bringing new plants into the world.

Are they really free?

Yes! No strings attached. The first one (per household) will always be free, after that we can talk. (They make great gifts!) We do welcome donations (unwanted planters, $$, soil) to help with the project. Contact us for more information.

How can I get one?

If you live in southern Michigan, most likely we can deliver them right to you. Just contact us to learn how you can get your free succulent!

What about Covid-19?

We have a no-touch social-distance method for distributiong our plants. We bring you a box with a selection of plants and planter boxes, all disinfected before delivery. We step away from the box, then you pick your plant and planter. That easy!



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