What is the Free Succulent Project?
Giving the gift of life, propagated with joy & love in the hopes to welcome more into yours. The Free Succulent Project aims to make life 'succ' a little less by giving away free plants within the community of Jackson. Join us on facebook!

I got one, how do I take care of it?
Not sure of how to take care of your new plant? They are easy to maintain.
Head on over to our The Plants page if you want more information of your specific plant, including care and feeding.

Why succulents?
Succulents are the easiest type of plants to maintain; much easier than typical houseplants. They are also easy to propagate, and we hope that recipients of a free succulent from us will 'split' it, and spread the joy even farther.

Are they really free?
Yes! No strings attached. All of the succulents we give away were propagated from plants donated to us years ago, and they keep on giving. We do welcome donations (empty pots, empty mugs, soil, new 'mother' plants, $$ to purchase materials, etc.) to help with the project. Contact us for more information.

What else can I do if I want to be a part of this wonderful joy spreading?

So much! In additon to supporting us with soil, pots, or $, we are also in need of volunteers. Some select roles include:

Foster Family: Our babies need to grow someplace, and we have limited space. Do you have some well lit space in your home (or business) to grow split succulents that will later be gifted to the world? 

Distributor of Joy: Weather you help grow them or not, we need people who 'move about' in the world interacting with people who could use some joy. Such people-people are the front line of the FSP, and they get to experience the most joy, that of seeing teh lit up face of the end recipients. 

Other roles could include help with outreach, fundraising, donations, etc. 

Just contact us to start the conversation!

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